21 Jul 2021

Test 31

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Two Living as One

“and the two shall become one flesh.”
Let us take the example of one of us walking down a path. We carefully Place one foot after another, first this foot then that foot, again and again. As we walk we are carefully placing each foot on the ground. our two feet are in perfect stride. We do it so naturally we don’t even hardly think about it but we are still careful in how we place our feet. We would never knowingly put either of our feet someplace where they could get hurt. We take very good care of both feet and watch how we walk so that we walk without pain and or without Danger. Our feet are part of a larger whole, that is our body. Our inner guide directs our body into a self and healthy way
In much the same way when two people are living together in unity as one each of them is careful about how they live so that the other is not hurt. Just as the two feet walk in harmony together, in the same way the couple walks in unison together. Neither of them would do anything to hurt the other. Their every thought and every action is done in a way to protect and ….. the other.
For example, if we stub our toe or if we sprain our ankle we take time to take care of it. We do whatever is necessary to protect and care for it until it heals.



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