19 Dec 2011

Living "In the Spirit"

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Being in the spirit has much to do with our mindset and behavior. But, before we look at that, let's examine the flesh and the law.

Living in the Flesh

  • Only doing what makes us feel good or look good
  • Stopping doing anything if it gets difficult or we get "tired"
  • Attitude:
    • Uncaring: they don't care about much of anything, unless it directly and immediately benefits them.
    • Prideful. Think that the are the best while putting very little effort or thought into doing something
    • Superoptimistic: They think that everything will go along fine without any planning and without much effort.
    • Controlling: They think that they know best and try to get everyone to do things their way.
    • When things go wrong they
      • get angry
      • blame others
      • make excuses
      • justify their actions
    • Energy: When someone wants them to help, they are very tired. However, they have lots of energy doing things that they want to do.


Living by the Law

  • Only doing what I have to do.
  • Giving only enough effort to make it look like I'm doing what is required

There's not much difference between living by the flesh or under the law. They are both about "me".

Living by the Spirit

Living this way because we "want to", not because we "have to". It is our desire and intention to do what is right in every situation. Living by the spirit is living with a pure and blameless mental disposition. :

  • Continually doing our best
    • realizing that our best will vary from hour to hour and from day to day)
    • Always looking for ways to improve oneself and one's work.
  • working through problems
    • Examine what went wrong.
    • Make corrections 
  • Being helpful to others.
    • Continually looking around at how one can be of assistance to those in need
    • Being connected with others enough to know when someone really needs help versus someone who is too lazy to work.
  • Being Self-Aware
    • honest about our strengths 
    • honest about our weaknesses
    • watches for and corrects own mistakes
    • Asks for help when needed.
  • Responsible:
    • Takes care of personal and family responsibilities before helping others, yet doesn't use that as an excuse not to help others.
  • Attitude:
    • Humble: considering others better than oneself
    • Flexible, willing to make changes to specifications and expectations as necessary
    • Willing to work with people to iron out difficulties
    • Eager and willing to do what is best for everyone involved.
  • Communicative:
    • When working with or doing business with others, thinks out details and clearly tells everyone what they need to know to make wise decisions
  • Character:
    • Always tells the truth
    • Living a life of true love

When people are living by the spirit, they do far more that those living under the law. They put their whole heart into whatever they do and do things with all their might because this is what they want to do.

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