12 Sep 2012

True Beauty is Not Something You Put on Your Skin

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Makeup is an illusion. It is a lie. It promises beauty but gives heartache. It teaches you to hide your flaws (and we all have flaws) as something to be ashamed of. It teaches you that true beauty is something that you apply to your skin. It is all based on a lie. It tells you that if you can make your external perfect then you will be happy. But it can't fulfil its promise, it only leaves a momentary pleasure.... high.

Makeup comes from an industry that wants you to believe their lie because they want your money for the rest of your life. "Keep giving us your money and you will be beautiful."
Putting on makeup teaches you that you are not beautiful just the way you are. It teaches you to look at yourself as something that is ugly unless you buy their products. They teach you that you are not acceptable unless you ..... As long as they keep you believing their lie, they become rich at your expense.
The cosmetic industry (or the beauty industry) has tricked the typical American woman into believing the putting on a ... of ... onto one's face and skin is part of being a woman.
Just stop and think a minute. Many women don't "feel" beautiful until they have put their ... on. Now think about that. If you don't feel beautiful until you put your eye shadow, make up, and jewely on, do you know what you are saying. You are saying tht the cosmetics are beautiful and that YOU are NOT beautiful. You are calling yourself ugly. Now think about what you are saying, "me without makeup = ugly, me with makeup = beautiful". You are telling yourself that the makeup is what makes your beautiful, that is really saying that the beauty is in the makeup product that you apply to your skin. The makeup is beautiful, NOT you.
How many years have you been telling yourself that lie? Probably for many years you have been listening the Cosmetic Industry advertising (propoganda) and to yourself saying that to look good you need to put all this stuff on your skin. You have been programmed to think this way. Do you want to be free from all of this madness?
The beauty industry has brainwashed the typical woman into a false sense of what beauty is. They teach that beauty is something that a woman puts on her skin
The Beauty Industry is comprised of merchants that sell Makeup, eyeshadow, jewelry,
The lie says that you are ugly, that beauty is something you buy from the merchants of the Beauty Industry and put on the outside of your  body. The lie says that you must cover up or distract the eye from your unsightly .....
Vanity is concerned about "looking pretty" so that others may think of her....
True beauty is not concerned what others think of her. Instead her attention is directed towards .... others.
It all sets up a false illusion, that beauty can be bought.
Wake Up, you who sleep. Stop believing the lies.

True Beauty Comes From a Pure Heart

This brings us to a major point. You can't make yourself beautify by TRYING to be beautiful. Rather, you become truly beautiful be living a life of .... that is pleasing to God. True beauty is a fruit of a way of life, of pure thoughts, blameless behavior, of genuine love and compassion for others.
True beauty come from within, from a pure heart that is 
Having true beauty is simple, but it's not easy. It involves putting do death our selfish desires, motives....
It involves correcting our thinking and our behaviors.


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