3 Jan 2012

In the recents past weeks I have been getting back into exercising with an aerobics exercise video. Even though I used this same video a year and a half ago, it's almost like I'm beginning again. I've going a little slower and paying careful attention to my foot placements, my steps, arm movements and the like. As I begin new exercises I still make lots of mistakes. In addition I've only put a medium amount of effort into it, largely because there are times when I'm unsure about foot placements or hand movements etc..

13 Oct 2011

The Law

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Although my wife is mathmatically challenged she has been homeschooling our two children. My wife has been doing what she could, but she hasn't been holding my son to the line, making him work out all of his problems. Although I've told both of them repeatedly that my son needs to work out the problems completely, Joseph has still been mostly just writing down only the answers, not the answers with the formulas. A couple days ago I told my wife that I would take over working with my son and his math. I have been making him work out all his math problems and label everything correctly.

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