What is God

21 Aug 2012

Learning to Live in God

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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One might say that the true God is the embodiment of everything that is true, honorable, virtuous, and true. It is not enough to say that God "has" love, but God Himself is the essence of all that is true love. The converse is also true. All true love is God. In a very real sense we "worship" God and "live" in God by living a life of true love. The same is true of all the other virtues and character qualities. We live in God as we endeavor to live them out and express them to the fullest. How do we do that?

5 Dec 2011

What is God?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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As I think about answering the question of "What is God", I'll start my thoughts in my blog here. I'm also researching what others have written about the subject. You'll find those articles here.

One of the first things that we have to realize is that God is what he is no matter what we think about him. The reality of God is independent of what we might think about him.

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