18 Dec 2011

Only God Can Truly Save

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Men want so "see" instant results. They want to say a few words that will cause people to want to  "accept Jesus" So they preach scary sermons to try to scare people into heaven. Preachers tell about an angry God who will send "unrepentant" sinners to a Hell where they will be tortured forever and ever. "Come to Jesus and escape the flames of hell."

5 Dec 2011
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In the Christian world we are taught that we are all sinners bound for hell. Christ is said to have came to save us from hell. Consequently, some websites try to scare people out of hell and into heaven.


What if hell (as taught by Christian churches) doesn't exist? What if hell was just a mistranslation of .....

If we are not "saved from hell", then what? What is salvation all about?

7 Oct 2011

What is Salvation?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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We hear the words "Salvation" and "Saved" used quite a lot in the modern day Christianity. The common "accepted" meaning of these words is that we will be "saved" from hell and therefore have a place in heaven.

I propose that this is a misunderstanding of what is meant by "Salvation" and "Saved". These words speak of coming to a wholeness and wellness here on earth. These words speak of the result of God transforming our lives here on earth.

10 Oct 2010

The Saving of the Soul

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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What is your soul? I've thought or heard that the soul is that place inside us where the affects of all that we are or do is stored and active. Another way of putting it is that your soul is who you really are, throwing aside all pretense.

Next, let's think about salvation. I once heard a preacher or speaker say something about salvation means to bring to a wholeness or wellness.

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