7 Jan 2012

Thoughtfulness In Playing Games

Submitted by Stephen Winters

On the first Friday of each month we open our home to our friends, neighbors and people from church who want to come over and play table games. Last night was game night at our house. Our living room and kitchen were filled with food,  tables, chairs, games, and people. It was a lot of fun.

During the earlier part of the night I had been playing another game. After that game ended, I looked around at what the others in the room were playing to see if there was some game I could join. 

17 Oct 2010

Learning Humility and Thoughtfulness

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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This morning, as my oatmeal mush was cooking in the microwave, went over to get a banana (that I usually cut up and put on top of my mush.) As I came to the counter I saw the bananas. Some were large and a nice clean yellow. Some were smaller and had some small dark spots on the skins. It's so much my nature that I want to take the biggest and best looking. But in recent years I've been trying to teach myself humility, to think of others, and to think of the future.

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