8 Jan 2012

Why Do I Do This Website?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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I was a very timid child as I grew up. My father was a dominant personality and always thought that he was right about everything. I never wanted to get in trouble by disagreeing with him. As I grew up that translated that wherever I went, I didn't want to say anything that anyone would disagree with. I rarely shared any ideas that I had. Over the years whenever I went to church, or to bible studies I would just sit and listen and not say much. I didn't question whether the teachers and preachers were correct in their speaking.

6 Sep 2011

What Do You Truly Believe?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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What do you truly believe? Have you ever heard these following quotations?

"Don't believe everything that you think"

"Don't believe everything that you  (think that you) believe"

These remind us that just because we have a thought or an opinion doesn't make it true. Examine everything to see if it is true. Most important, examine your own thoughts and beliefs to see if there are true.

18 May 2011

True Beliefs

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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There are our true beliefs and our stated beliefs. There can be a big difference between what we truly believe and what we think that we believe. Our actions, not our words, show what we truly believe. Our true beliefs are what govern our thoughts and our actions. For example, if we say that we believe we can be the president of a company, but we never do anything to work towards being the president of that company, then our true beliefs are not in agreement with our stated beliefs. Our words say that we believe, but our actions say that we don't believe.


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